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Awards 2010

 EFB Awards

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 Best Public Sector Innovation


Winner: West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police has a number of faith networks in order to make the Force a more inclusive service-provider. The Faith/Belief Group has been running since 2007 and its key achievements include creating a religion and belief policy, flexing bank holidays provision, quiet room guidance, a faith requirements for people in custody policy, a consultation forum for their combined equality scheme and uniform advice. They also actively share best practice with other Forces.
 west midlands police

 Best Private Sector Innovation


Winner: National Grid

Through 2008 the Islam@Work network, part of Faith@Work (faith employee resource group) gave a number of presentations aimed at raising awareness and understanding of Islam. It became apparent that a lot of people wanted to understand the recent terrorist acts in the UK and abroad and the ongoing wars and conflicts around the world, particularly where Islam was being referenced. The diversity team along with the Group Director of Security produced documentation on this subject and then a Q&A Session, entitled: Faith & Security: Perception vs Reality.

 national grid

 Best Public Sector Overall Approach


Winner: London Borough of Lambeth

Lambeth doubled its efforts in 2009/10 to make a step-change in meeting the needs of the community and workforce. As a result it has successfully completed the council's first Single Equality Scheme. It has achieved the difficult task of staff engagement with senior management in their Equalities Exchange programme involving live debates, with the Chief Executive, on religion or belief. Community sensitive communications training has seen ‘Islam awareness' training with emphasis on appropriate and sensitive use of imagery in publications.
 lb of lambeth

Highly Commended: Hertfordshire Constabulary

Hertfordshire Constabulary's chaplaincy service has historically consisted of chaplains from the Christian Faith. In 2009, the constabulary recognised that there was a significant need to diversify the chaplaincy profile to include a wider range of Faiths, Religions and Beliefs. Initially two people from the Pagan community were recruited by the constabulary as chaplains, the very first Pagan police chaplains within the UK. They then went on to support the set up of a National Pagan Police Association and their work continues on providing chaplains of different faiths including humanist.
 hertfordshire constabulary

 Best Private Sector Overall Approach


Winner: Sodexo UK & Ireland

In December 2009 as part of its new diversity and inclusion communication strategy Sodexo UK & Ireland embarked on raising awareness of religion and belief through the launch of a series of Inclusion Fact Sheets e.g. December festivals, Ramadan, Easter. As a result of efforts to raise awareness of religion and belief in the workplace, a major client was able to successfully make accommodations for a number of Sikh staff potentially affected by a ‘bare below the elbows' policy, because they wear the Kara bracelet.