Part-time jobs

Need another advance on your pocket money? Perhaps it’s time to step into the big wide world – part-time, of course.

What’s available?

If you’re young, dumb and willing to work for peanuts the fast food industry wants you. Flipping burgers is the easiest job to land, you don’t even need to speak English that well. Plus you get to take home a silly hat and some great stories about what’s really in that secret sauce.

If you want something less greasy, the retail sector loves part-timers, especially come Easter, Summer and Christmas. Department stores pay the best but work varies and you could end up doing anything from posing in the designer clothes department to selling buttons in haberdashery.

Next best thing to your Uncle Mark having a fruit ‘n’ veg stall is a supermarket. They offer the most flexible hours and some will even pay time and a half for Sunday work.

Get rich quick

Beware of jobs that advertise ‘Looking for open-minded people that like chatting on the phone’. Unless you’re prepared to be Nurse Whip Me for eight pounds an hour. Sales also boast big bucks but are always run on Commission, so check how much double glazing you’ll have to peddle door to door before lunch is on you.