When can you start?

Getting hired takes time and can be tricky. Check press for recruitment fairs and register with employment agencies and websites. Hitting the high street armed with a gleaming CV is also a good start. Above all, remember not to lie on your CV as they always run those pesky check-ups.

Top recruiter Barbara Haven at Sainsbury’s plc says the most important thing when looking for a part time job is to know about the company. “The first question I ask during an interview is

‘why do you want to work here?’

You need to show an interest what we do.”

Working vs living

Though the experience of being an independent individual can be quite pleasant, most employers expect you to actually do some work. How rude! It gets worse when you find yourself tired, your job boring and most depressing of all you have to sacrifice Friday night because of work the next morning.

If you’re a student working also means you have less time to drink beer, I mean concentrate on your studies. So keep things prioritised. The offer of extra hours and cash may sound attractive but don’t let studies and having a life take a back seat.

Show me the money

One thing part timers get used to very quickly is payslips. And although you may not remember the tax man or National Insurance slaving away at work with you they certainly take a cut. Get used to it.

Remember that just because you land a job with a big company we all know and love it doesn’t mean they are going to pay or treat you like the fabulous person you are. To know your rights as a part-timer and the minimum wage see the government website.