These issues could have a huge bearing on your working life, and should not be taken lightly. If you want to get a rough idea of just what they can mean for you, here are some of the government’s rules which apply to the workplace:


  • From 01 October 2013, the national minimum wage will be £3.68, £5.03 and £6.31 for those aged under 18, 18-20, and 21 and over respectively.

  • Most workers are legally entitled to statutory leave entitlement (annual leave) equivalent to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year.
  • Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) can amount to £86.70 a week and be paid by your employer for a maximum of 28 weeks if you’re unable to work due to illness (and providing you meet certain criteria)
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  • Pregnant workers are entitled to time off for antenatal care (paid), maternity leave and maternity pay, and protection against any form of discrimination, dismissal or unfair treatment associated with their condition.